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Bonus Tracks

For three years, I took wax-work onto the radio at WHRW Binghamton, the campus radio station at Binghamton University. My program was called "Welcome to the Wax-Work," and we did a number of wax-related things- most prominently, we created a number of original radio serials and comedy series. It was a wonderful time, and I am immensely proud of the result.

Over the course of our three years, we wound up with a few special tracks that weren't exactly part of the regular series. Here they all are on one page, for your enjoyment.

The Tracks

  • Debatitorium Theme - based on the opening of the Nutcracker's Overture by Piotr Tchaikovsky, and arranged by Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski & Jordan D. White.
  • Decker & Hayes Theme - by Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski
    Originally written for another of my projects that never got off the ground, this little jazzy number fit Decker & Hayes well, so I used it.
  • Decker & Hayes Promo - Recorded Fall 2005, this promo starts out as an ad for the girls' agency before turning into a radio serial promo.
  • Epic Echoes Theme - by Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski
    I arranged this theme from a larger work Mike wrote called "War of the Insects". This was the Ants' theme. It had a nice, epic battle quality to it, which is why I thought of it.
  • Epic Echoes End Theme - by Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski
    Recorded especially for the last episode of Epic Echoes, this is also from the "War of the Insects" piece, but from the very ending. Apparently, the ants win the war. It made a nice ending to the show.
  • Epic Echoes Promo - Recorded Fall 2005, Guenevere (the narrator) and I whipped this together one evening, and I think it captures the spirit of the show well.
  • Frank Allen Interview - Towards the end of Debatitorium 2006, Frank Allen appeared on Charles Berman's "Bronze Age of Radio" radio program. This illuminating interview gives a rare behind-the-scenes look into the working of the man behind the debates.
  • Guard Ditty (Guard Duty Theme) - by Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski
    Michael actually composed and recorded this song specifically for Guard Duty. A great original composition.
  • Guard Duty Promo - Recorded Fall 2005, this promo begins as a public service announcement from The Jack, who doesn't want people to be scared, before becoming a radio serial promo.
  • Jordan, Frank, & Rory Farewell - From the end of the very last Welcome to the Wax-work, this is Jordan D. White, Frank Allen, & Rory St. John's farewell to the series.
  • Jordan on 'Way of the Master Radio' - Not actually part of our wax radio bits, I called up the Way of the Master Radio show just to chat. It's an evangelical Christian show. I am an atheist- or, as they helped me discover, a born-again atheist.
  • Like Mother Opening Theme - by Jordan D. White
    Originally written as a pop song entitled "Delicate", I think this works much better as the theme to Like Mother Like Daughter. This is the version that starts every show...
  • Like Mother Closing Theme - by Jordan D. White
    ...and this is the version that ends every show. There are only minor differences.
  • Mr. Fahrenheit Album Interview - This is the recording we did of Mr. Fahrenheit's interview from season three of Guard Duty promoting his album.
  • Mr. Fahrenheit Embarassment Press Conference - This is the recording of the final Press Conference Mr. Fahrenheit gave in the fifth series of Guard Duty.
  • Ron Reilly Interview - The uninterupted audio of Frank Allen's interview with Ron Reilly from Series 2, Episode 5. Ron Reilly is played by Deric McNish, and Frank Allen plays himself. About half of the dialogue is improvised.
  • Saint Red Theme - by Jordan D. White
    I am pretty sure I whipped this together the day we were to perform the first episode of Saint Red, although I am not positive on that. It was a tune I'd had in mind for a while, but I tried to give it an Elvis Costello & the Attractions feel.
  • Spinning With Evil (This Day in History Theme) - based on "The Spinning Song" by Albert Ellmenreich, Michael "Temporary Card" Makowski altered it to be in a minor key rather than major, then Jordan D. White added the drum part.
  • Tract or Fiction? Promo - Recorded Fall 2005, this features Frank describing the show, mixed with clips from the first two episodes of Series Three. It's a pretty fun promo.