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By Jordan D. White

"Rhapsody in Wax" is a musical project in which I record 'theme songs' for the website. It started in April 2002, when I recorded the Original Wax-work Theme just to fill space on week two of wax-work. The next month, that space had yet to be filled and I felt like doing some more fun music... so the musical adventures began.

True to the artists I tend to listen to, the songs vary wildly in genre each time. I hope you like them! Most of them are about the website in some way, though a few stray from that and merely mention wax itself.

In addition to the tracks themselves, I've written a little paragraph about each one, and I've even included the lyrics, in case I don't annunciate enough, which I don't.

Now that Cast In Wax has begun using the themes as intro and outro music, I've remastered all the songs from their original files. They sound better than ever. In addition, I've also put up a couple of alternate takes or remixes. Those are denoted with an asterisk.

The Songs:

*indicates multiple versions of the song are available.