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Inner Demons

By Jordan D. White

This is my second attempt at making a "24-Hour Comic". It was invented by Scott McCloud, and the link above will take you to his page in which he explains what it is, how it came about, and talks about a bunch of the ones that have been made.

The basic gist of it is that you create a 24 page comic from scratch in 24 consecutive hours. This includes writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring (if you do it- I didn't)... everything. So basically, you need to do a complete page an hour. I finished this one in 21 Hours.

This comic came about because on September 2nd, 2002, FX aired all 24 episodes of season one of the TV show 24 in a row. In case you don't know, that show takes place in real time, from midnight to midnight on one day. It's a great show and I wanted to watch the whole thing, even though I'd seen it as it aired originally. The concept of a 24 hour movie, which it basically became, really appealed to me.

Anyway, sometime during the second hour, it hit me that I should do a 24 hour comic during it. I figured it would make me more likely to actually stay awake for the whole thing. I started at 2 am and was done by 11 pm, in time to give the pulse-pounding season finale my full attention.

Oddly enough, I was a lot less tired during this one. That's doubly weird since I got up at noon the day before, meaning I was up for 36 hours when it was over. Last time I did a 24 hour comic, I got up right before we started.

As for the results, well... the art is a lot better than my last 24 hour effort. The story... I don't know. I went less silly this time, more violent. I still didn't plan it out ahead of time, really. The gory parts are the best ones, I think. Ah well.

Click here to read Inner Demons (24 pgs.)

Also, I made a bonus desktop image of the last page.
Check it out here.