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Welcome to! You might be wondering what this site is... It's a site by Jordan D. White (that's me) for all the creative projects I'm working on.

The newest phase of wax-work's netlife is being the home of my podcast, Cast in Wax. It officially began on March 31st, 2008, the day before's 6th anniversary, and will continue for the foreseeable future.

But, of course, the site still houses all my previous works, as well. I work in lots of different media, so this site has quite a few different things: stories, comics, scripts, music... yeah, they're all here. Check out the site, enjoy, and make sure to let me know what you think.

Most Recent Podcast Episode (02-03-14):

Episode 164: A Mouthful of Sugar

It's been TWO MONTHS since Jordan posted the last episode...but who can blame him? This is far and away the most understandable and legitimate excuse Jordan has had for a delay in the episodes in the history of the podcast. Thankfully, with the help of a scavenged car battery, Cast In Wax is back to help everyone in this troubled time!


  • Updates on the well being of all four hosts since everything went down--Jordan, Scape, Frank, and Rory--plus special guest Harry Wilson!
  • The continuation of brand-new serial, Jimmy in the Future, featuring a too-close-for-comfort look at a post-catastrophic world...and maybe some hope?
  • A belated holiday special from your friends at the Extraordinary Transmission Network, featuring a holiday @$$hole Watch!
  • A newly discovered radio serial, possibly from the 1930s, called The Misadventures of Peaches and Crime, featuring cobbling!
  • The ninth episode of Kentwood, this time bringing the professor into contact with the most dangerous game!
  • In-depth discussions of oral hygeine!
  • A few bits and bobs of listener mail!

Excuse me! Download it now!
And, please, send us your questions, comments, suggestions, and alien tales to! As text or MP3s! We're not picky!

Episode 164: A Mouthful of Sugar

Cast In Wax

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Everything on this site is copyright Jordan D. White, or its respective author. No work can be reproduced from this site without expressed permission from the creator. For reals. Be kind, rewind. POW!